Sermon: Threatened by Epiphany?

By Joanna Shenk

Matthew 2:1-12
Mark 1:4-11, this version also read in addition to the NRSV

I was in high school when I first learned the word “Epiphany.” At my school we had a Spring Arts Day each year, where the high school grades competed against each other in various categories: vocal, instrumental and theatrical performance, as well as poetry, prose and visual art. My sophomore year the theme of Spring Arts Day was “epiphany” so that’s how I learned the word.

I was involved in the 10th grade vocal performance in which we sang a medley from Les Mis. Our grand finale was from the song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” I’m guessing some of you are familiar with the words, but if not, here are the first few stanzas:

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