Black Lives Matter: Three Week Challenge from Youth Group (Part Three)

By FMCSF Youth Group

Hey Congregation!

Third and final week. We decided to create this challenge as a way for you all to incorporate small practices of staying informed and educated, taking part in actions, and supporting local Black owned businesses in your daily lives. This last week is a fun one and we encourage you all to take part, even if you have not been as involved in the past weeks.

We did not receive quite the number of participants in last week’s challenge that we were hoping for but we really appreciate those of you who did take the time to send an email. We would still like to hear from you if you do decide to write an email this week for the Anti Police Terror Project. If you would prefer to write a physical letter you can bring up concerns from the link and address the letter to the Oakland Mayor’s office at:
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza #3, Oakland, CA 94612
Or San Francisco’s mayor’s office at:

1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl #200, San Francisco, CA 94102

This week we are asking you to support a Black owned business, locally or online. Below we have a list of restaurants and other businesses, mostly in the Bay Area. You are by no means limited to the options we have listed, there are many resources online if you are looking for something more specific including the Bay Area Black Market which is a Black owned business directory for the Bay area.

  • Dimond Slice: Very similar to Cheeseboard in Berkeley, sells vegetarian pizza with fresh local ingredients, located in Oakland.
  • Eko Kitchen: Nigerian Food in SF offers a few vegan options as well as meal prep plans
  • Red Bay Coffee: coffee roasters in Oakland, highly recommended by your pastor Joanna
  • Back A Yard Caribbean Grill: Fresh Caribbean food at 5 locations around San Jose
  • Miss Ollies: Soul food and Caribbean cuisine. Offers outdoor seating. Hosts pride events and helps people experiencing homelessness in the area in Oakland
  • Healing Kitchen “Afro vegan and plant based” kitchen that offers healthy meal delivery, custom meal planning and catering located in SF, Oakland, Emeryville, and Berkeley
  • Malibu’s Burgers: Vegan Burgers in Oakland
  • Vegan Mob: Vegan BBQ and soulfood, located in Oakland, delivers to Berkeley and Oakland
  • Souley Vegan Vegan Soul food in Oakland
  • PUR Home: Sustainable laundry, bathroom, and kitchen products. Online store
  • Jam+Rico: Online Jewelry store
  • Candid Art : Sustainably sourced jewelry, home decor/art prints, childrens quilted jackets, and cotton face masks. Shop based in Oakland, purchases made online

Thanks to all of you who have participated in the last few weeks. Hopefully these are small actions that you may continue to practice and be mindful of.

Many thanks,

The Youth Group

P.S. Here links to Challenge #1 and Challenge #2.

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